The Resources to Grow Your Team

Since 2011, CareerSource North Central Florida has secured $32 million in federal support to bring local startups and businesses the opportunity to expand and grow. And that’s in addition to our existing resources. From our Healthcare Biomanufacturing Occupational & Technology Training to STEM Ready, we have a track-record of success in delivering employer-driven on-the-job training and work experience programs that grow businesses and create new jobs. In fact, in a 2016 independent review, two of our programs alone created 800 new jobs for Floridians.

Paid Work Experience Programs

Business leaders know hiring can be an expensive risk. That’s why we lead the way in developing paid work experience programs that train workers for tomorrow’s jobs today.

We find. You decide.

While you work with our business services team, we’ll work with our career developers to identify individuals who have been prepped, vetted, and are ready to work. We’ll present you with candidates who you can review and even interview. At the end of the process, you decide who you want to hire.

100% of Wages Covered

With our work experience programs, you’re in charge. You set the wages and work schedule, and we handle payroll and workers compensation eliminating costly overhead for you. Our programs typically cover wages for up to 480 hours (approximately 12 weeks full time). Not sure what to pay? Our team can even recommend wages based on current local market data.

Safe, Secure, Credible

As an employer working with CareerSource North Central Florida, you will receive our commitment to provide you safe, secure and credible individuals. Upon request, we can provide programs to ensure your business is covered for nearly any liability or risk.

Take a look at our current Work Experience Programs:

On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training programs provide the opportunity for you to train new hires in your work environment. CareerSource NCFL will reimburse employers for a portion of the employee’s wages, sometimes up to 90%, during the training period.

Training program benefits include:

  • Hands-on training designed to improve new hires’ skills
  • Cost savings on employee wages during training
  • Direct employer oversight on employee progress and development

And all of our programs come backed by the dedication and support of our concierge business services team.

Check out our current On-the-Job Training program:

Quick Response Training (QRT)

If you’re looking to relocate or expand in Alachua or Bradford counties, QRT may be right for your business. Through QRT, we can provide grant funding for customized training for new or existing employees at new or expanding businesses. Benefits include:

Reimbursable costs

QRT covers expenses related to specific entry-level job training such as salaries for instructors or trainers salaries, curriculum development, and textbooks or manuals.

An employer-Driven program

Programs are structured for flexibility and quick response to meet the training objectives of your business. You choose what training is needed, who provides it, and how it should be provided.

Learn more at or take a look at the 2016 QRT Training Guidelines.

Florida Flex

Powered by our statewide partner CareerSource Florida, FloridaFlex offers businesses in Florida, or relocating to Florida, a completely integrated talent support solution to help them compete and grow.

FloridaFlex connects your business to multiple solutions. You can apply for just one of our programs, or take advantage of all available services for an integrated talent support solution that’s tailored to your company’s specific goals. Learn more at

Ready to get started?

To get started, contact CareerSource NCFL Business Services at to request an appointment.

We’ll contact you within 2 business days to schedule a one-on-one meeting to identify your goals, make a plan, and see how we can help your business.