Own Your Future – Business Bootcamp

Own Your Future Training

The Key to Your Career

Opportunity Quest: Own Your Future is a 4-week business bootcamp designed to help determined people who want a great job or even to start a business of their own but need to grow and gain experience before taking the next step. The program holds classes every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with morning and afternoon sessions designed to meet your schedule. Each class is 1.5 hours long.

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Why Enroll in Own Your Future?

  • The training is provided at no cost to eligible participants.
  • You’ll learn skills that will give you a leg up in the workplace.
  • You’ll improve your abilities and will feel more prepared to apply for jobs.
  • Completion of the 4-week program will provide the groundwork for you to move on to other classes, or try on-the-job training to further advance your skills.
  • You’ll gain the tools to increase your income, putting you in a position to better provide for yourself and your family.
  • You’ll have access to supportive services to cover costs such as transportation, tuition assistance, books, supplies and/or tools needed for training or employment.
  • Learning Objectives
  • Introduce the foundational mindset of business and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Develop thinking skills to enable identification of entrepreneurial opportunities and learning from results.
  • Exposure to and understanding of ways that individuals with limited resources are able to transform simple ideas into sustainable success. 
  • Understand and apply fundamental aspects of entrepreneurial thinking as a means of personal empowerment. 
  • Establish goals, identify resources, and determine steps to accomplish goals.
  • Identify and interact with local entrepreneurs and business owners within their community.


  • In-Class Focus:
  • Discuss topics and engage in activities to foster individual and peer-to-peer learning, interaction, and analysis. 
  • Share experiences and present ideas to foster communication and collaboration.
  • Apply knowledge through activities and assignments designed to encourage the development of practical and supportive mindsets and skills.
  • Reflect on learnings and how they can be applied to participants’ life goals.