Startup Quest: Bootcamp

Introducing Startup Quest: Bootcamp

A new version of Startup Quest® has been redesigned and simplified for a broader audience, and is being offered in Gainesville for the second time in Fall 2018.

What is it?

Startup Quest Bootcamp is an 8-week training program, modeled after the nationally-recognized Startup Quest® , to provide a more entry-level understanding of how to build a business model from an idea. This entrepreneurship program pairs participants with seasoned entrepreneur mentors to walk through the elements of a business plan, and form mentor-led teams to develop a business model canvas for a lifestyle business of their choosing. Eligible participants will engage in a hands-on, team-based laboratory training experience.

Eligible participants* will be selected to engage in this unique training program where they will:

  • Gain valuable entrepreneurial skills
  • Learn how to develop a business model canvas
  • Collaborate in a team environment
  • Meet, network and learn from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Compete in a final presentation

When is it?

Startup Quest® is a 8-week training program, with an additional open session per week for out-of-class collaboration activities. This year, Startup Quest®: Bootcamp kicks off with an Introductory Workshop and sessions on September 25 / October 2nd, with the final presentations and judging to be held on November 15.

Key Dates

  • September 25, 2018 / October 2nd, 20018:
    Session 1 for Enrolled Startup Quest®: Bootcamp Participants Begins
  • November 15, 2018: Session 16 – Final Presentations & Celebration


Next Introductory Workshop:

First Classes Start September 25, 2018 @ 6PM
Join today for our new class times!
Applications accepted until October 2nd
CareerSource NCFL Gainesville Career Center
10 NW 6th Street

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Class Sessions & Locations

Important Update: Classes will be held each week on Tuesdays only. The class time options that participants can select are 11:00am – 1:00pm or 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

The first class this Tuesday, September 25th, will run as originally scheduled at 6:00pm class. The 11:00am class will start the following week on Tuesday, October 2nd. 

Session 1-15: Training Sessions – Participants accepted into Startup Quest® will meet at the CareerSource NCFL Gainesville Career Center at 10 NW Sixth Street.

Session 16: Pitch Competition – Open to the public. Location to be announced.

09/25/18 – Session 1: Welcome and Introductions, 

Get a more in-depth overview of the training syllabus and objectives. Get to know your instructor, your mentors, and your peers.

09/27/18 – Session 2: Why Start a Business
Why do you want to learn about business? What are your motivations and definitions for success? How do you turn an idea into an opportunity?

10/02/18 – Session 3: Business Model Canvas Overview
Explore the concept of a one-page business canvas, and the individual elements which contribute to your overall business plan. Each of the nine topics will be explored in-depth in Sessions 4-13. Review the lifestyle business templates, and select one with your team.

10/04/18 – Session 4: Value Proposition
Define and explore the value proposition. What makes your business idea marketable? What distinguishes you from your competitors? Teams will work on the value proposition of their business canvases.

10/09/18 – Session 5: Customer Segments
Learn to identify which customers your business is trying to serve. Various sets of customers can be segmented based on their different needs and attributes, with different strategies to meet the characteristics of selected groups. Teams will work on the customer segments of their business canvases.

10/11/18 – Session 6: Customer Channels
Learn how your business can deliver its value proposition to its targeted customers through different channels. Effective channels will distribute a company’s value proposition in ways that are fast, efficient, and cost effective. Teams will work on the customer channels of their business canvases.

10/16/18 – Session 7: Financial Basics
Explore some of the fundamental concepts of financial literacy and management.

10/18/18 – Session 8: Revenue Streams
Learn about the variety of ways your business can generate income through each customer segment. Teams will work on the revenue streams of their business canvases.

10/23/18 – Session 9: Key Activities
Key activities are the most important activities in executing your business’s value proposition. Learn about production and operations, problem-solving and project management, as well as communication and corporate culture. Teams will work on the key activities of their business canvases.

10/25/18 – Session 10: Key Resources
These are the resources that are necessary to create value for the customer, and are needed in order to sustain and support the business. These resources could be human, financial, physical and intellectual. Teams will work on the key resources of their business canvases.

10/30/18 – Session 11: Cost Structures
Learn to identify the most important costs inherent to your business model. Which activities and resources are the most expensive? Is your business cost-driven or value-driven? Teams will work on the cost structures of their business canvases.

11/01/18 – Session 12: Key Partners
In order to optimize operations and reduce risks of a business model, organizations usually cultivate buyer-supplier relationships so they can focus on their core activity. Learn to identify and cultivate these partnerships. Teams will work on the key partners of their business canvases.

11/06/18 – Session 13: Customer Relationships
Learn to identify the types of relationships you may want to create with your customer segments. Teams will work on the customer relationships of their business canvases.

11/08/18 – Session 14: Additional Resources and Business Canvas Finalization
Learn more about professional networks, strategic partnerships, and franchise opportunities. Teams will firm up their final business canvases and presentations.

11/13/18 – Session 15: Additional Resources and Business Canvas Finalization
Learn more about additional funding options, including investors, grants, and bootstrapping. Teams will finalize their business canvases and presentations.

11/15/18 – Session 16: Final Presentation and Judging
Present your chosen lifestyle business model canvas to a panel of judges representing successful entrepreneurs and other experts in the final session of the Startup Quest: Bootcamp program.

How do I participate?

To participate in the 2018 Gainesville Startup Quest®: Bootcamp, you’ll need to complete three steps:

  1. Confirm you are eligible
  2. RSVP for the Introductory Workshop
  3. Secure financial assistance through Opportunity Quest (details below)

Am I eligible?

Startup Quest®: Bootcamp exposes motivated individuals to the processes required to form a lifestyle company and develop a basic business model. Applicants should have:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Should be long-term unemployed or underemployed
  • Those seeking financial assistance through Opportunity Quest should be long-term unemployed or underemployed AND the parent of guardian of a child 13 years of age or younger (or older than 13 years with a documented disability)
  • Contact a staffing specialist today to see if you qualify for scholarships under one of our other programs!

You may qualify under Opportunity Quest if you are, at a minimum a:

• U.S. Citizen (or authorized to work in the U.S.) who is 17 years of age or older
• Custodial parent or legal guardian of a child under age 13 years or younger
• Custodial parent or legal guardian of a dependent child over the age of 13 who has a disability
• Limited education (e.g. lacks college degree) and work history

You may qualify under the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act Youth Program if you are:

• U.S. citizen or eligible to work in the U.S.
• Between the ages of 16 – 24 and not attending school
• Males 18+ years of age must be registered for Selective Service
• Have one or more of the following barriers:

o A school dropout
o A high school graduate, or equivalent, who is low income and is either basic skills deficient or is an English language learner
o Homeless, runaway, or foster child
o Pregnant or parenting
o An offender
o An individual with a disability
o A low income individual who requires additional assistance to complete an educational program, or to secure and hold employment.

How do I apply? Does it cost anything?

Startup Quest®: Bootcamp is provided at no cost to eligible participants courtesy of scholarships through many of our programs.

Each Startup Quest®: Bootcamp cohort starts with an Introductory Workshop. This workshop is open to the public and anyone interested in the program. At this workshop, you will:

  • Review eligibility criteria,
  • Hear about the program vision and history, and
  • Learn more about the curriculum and training schedule.

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